Disciples of Jesus

Church is the collective noun for all the disciples in one place. The Greek word for church is ‘ekklesia’ which means ‘the called-out ones.’ In so many ways ‘church’ has come to mean so many things other than this. It gets caught up in buildings, services, priests and territory. In our place, Wigan, we are re-discovering the original tradition of church to be the disciples of Jesus called out together in our place to worship God, love one another and reach out to others with the good news of Jesus for today.

So, all this begins with you and me. First of all we have to hear – or maybe, re-hear – that individual call from Jesus to each one of us. He calls us, he gives us his Spirit, he equips us, he leads us and he sends us … and he promises to be with us wherever we go.

When we read in the Bible instances of when God says he promises to be with someone – as he did to Moses, Joshua, Gideon … and the eleven disciples when he commissioned them to go and make disciples – it is always in the context of sending them out to do the impossible! For us on our own what looks impossible probably is. God with us makes the impossible possible. Check out the victories of God through his weak people – people just like you and me.

Before we can look at refreshing our traditional Worship Communities or planting new ones each one of us needs to fix our eyes on Jesus and hear his voice calling and sending us. Each of us is called and sent. Each one of us needs to be open-handed and ready to serve as we recommit ourselves to that great commission to go into the world and make disciples of Jesus. The bit of the world we focus on is called Wigan.

Introducing our new Hubs and their Worship Communities

The strategy focuses on refreshing and planting many Worship Communities. To enable this to flourish we are creating Hubs of Worship Communities. You can read more about this on the Strategy page. We are currently working on a map-based explanation of our seven hubs and their worshipping communities, keep an eye on our twitter or facebook for news.

You can see an interactive map of our Hubs and Worshipping Communities here, and a map of the area covered by Transforming Wigan divided into small areas and ranked according to deprivation here.