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House of Prayer

The House of Prayer is a network of prayer across Wigan bringing together every individual and group engaged in regular prayer and intercession.

Each week we meet to pray together for an hour at 7.30pm every Thursday at the Wigan Investment Centre.

Praying Psalm 119

Father Richard Peers challenges you to pray through Psalm 119.

At the Well in June Father Richard Peers challenged us to pray through Psalm 119. He provided us with an acrostic translation which is separated into 22 chunks, and suggested that we replace the words in red with "Jesus".

   • Click here to download Psalm 119.

C. S. Lewis in describing Psalm 119 writes, "It is a pattern, a thing done like embroidery, stitch by stitch, through long quiet hours, for love of the subject and for the delight in leisurely, disciplined craftsmanship."

This psalm is not one for searching out in moments of intense devotion, joy or desperation; it is a psalm for every day, a psalm of ordinary daily life - one of the reasons why it is so suitable for praying during the day!"

   • You can also download an essay by Father Richard on the subject.

Daily Prayer

Every day we publish a topic for prayer for Wigan.

This allows us to pray in unity, and acts as a prompt to pray for Wigan every day.

There are several ways to join in:
   • You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where the daily topic is posted at 8am and 8pm.
   • You can visit pray.churchwigan.uk.
   • You can receive a free text reminder. Text Daily prayer and the time you'd like your reminder to 07305 971 117. eg: Daily prayer 6am
      Please don't put anything after the time (such as 'please'), it confuses our robot.

Order of Prayer

In November 2016 we launched the first Order of Prayer. 24 people committed to a simple WAY OF LIFE and a regular rhythm of prayer and fasting. At the end of 2017 over 70 people were commissioned into the Order of Prayer. If you are interested in joining the Order drop us an email and we will put you in touch with the leaders so you can explore it further.


  • Pray every day for the people of this town, listening to what the Spirit is saying.
  • Give an hour a month to the Order’s 24 hours of prayer.

The Order of Prayer is led by Rev Philip Anderson. Rev Philip comments "It’s interesting that God is calling people from all church traditions to be part of the Order. We may pray differently, but we are all prayer warriors, our hearts and voices caught up in unity by the Holy Spirit as we seek God’s best for Wigan. That’s what is so wonderful about the Order of Prayer: unity in diversity."

If you would like to explore joining the Order of Prayer you can contact Rev Philip by emailing philip.anderson@churchwigan.org.

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