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TESTIMONY :: First Wellspring Funeral

Wellspring has been running for the last 18 months, we are a new worship community based at St Paul's Hall, Goose green. It is a worship community planted into the School. With the vision of meeting with families connected to School who would not normally come to Church.

Over the last 18 months we have a grown as a community that is focused on growing community and growing in faith.

The majority of people have never had any contact with the local Church.

It is here that I met Taffy last July, a granddad who had brought his grandson. We bonded through football, well Taffy trying to convince me to support Liverpool. Over the weeks he loved coming to Wellspring, meeting people, planning community events and an opportunity to explore who God is and ask some big questions about God.

He said to me he would never go to Church but if Church is this, then he would be he every week.

Why did he say that? Well he was encountering God through meeting people hearing a short reflection and discussing the ideas and of course eating together at the end of each afternoon.

Taffy continued to come over the coming months and we continued to have good conversations about God and Football (although I am still a Manchester united Fan). He asked about the hope of God and what that meant.

He was involved in the summer activities which included creating a community herb garden at the front of St Paul's School.

Sadly, at the beginning of the month Taffy passed away. I had the opportunity and great honour of doing his funeral. As I met with the family, I spoke of how I had many conversations Wellspring where we shared in the joys and struggles of life and where God was in this. This was an example of someone beginning a journey of discipleship through a new worship community.

This is a journey that would not have begun without this new worship community.

Wellspring will miss Taffy, the fun and community focus he brought to the community.

Doing the funeral was an example to me how we are putting our vision of meeting with 1 in 10 Wiganers in new ways into action.

In the coming months there are going to many other opportunities to be developing Wellspring and help deepen peoples discipleship and next month we are doing our first Wellspring baptisms.

Recently Wellspring was awarded the first School Partnership check out what that is all about here.

God is moving in this place and we are excited about the future and other worship communities being planted like Wellspring.

Mark Wade
Wellspring Missional Leader