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NEWS :: Tell your story; Bishop Mission weekend

This last weekend Church Wigan were joined by a team of ten led by Bishop Mark Tanner and Bishop Cyril, as well as our Wigan planning team and many others.

Over the weekend the team ate lots of food (but not many pies), led a number of assemblies, were asked lots of questions at Q+A, met and shared ministry with the Archbishop of York, opened new ministries, ran through the mud in Haigh hall, were the head chefs at the night shelter, served wine and cheese, and sat and chatted with hundreds of different people.

Archbishop Sentamu with team

So why did they do this? Bishop Mark put it perfectly at the start of the mission when we met together when he said "don’t be worried about what or where you are, whatever you are doing don’t feel out of depth just tell your story and listen to people’s stories."

That is what happened over the weekend as the team shared their stories of coming to faith, working in science, being brought up as a Muslim, to losing loved ones. They shared how Jesus gave them hope.

This led to the team living out the vision of the weekend of Tell, Serve and Give.

There are so many stories to share over the next few weeks and encouragements from the team of what is happening here in Church Wigan.

The team left encouraged by what is happening here in Wigan, responding to the need, as Bishop Mark said in his sermon at the West hub service, "we are going out to search for the lost and not sat in a Church building waiting for them to come, why would you not do that? Keep doing it."

Another significant challenge came from Bishop Cyril who at the opening of Jim’s Café at St James Centre, challenged us saying, "God doesn’t want our careful virtue he wants our reckless generosity."

This was shown over the weekend, and is show in what is happening across Church Wigan.

We were also encouraged by the Archbishop of York to share our stories of God at work, whenever we can. This new week how can you share God at work in your life and with who will you share it?

A huge thank you to all who came and shared with us in the last four days, to the team who put the weekend together.

The good news this is not just one weekend everything that happened over the weekend are all part of Church Wigan so we looked forward to continue the work and to see 1 in 10 people in Wigan on a faith journey with Jesus.

God Bless
Bishop Mission team

Bishop Mission Team