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Building together

In 2019 we are renovating Church Wigan to help us better serve God, one another and all the people in Wigan.  This will be a bigger Church to make a bigger difference.  We are rebuilding the living stones into a renewed spiritual house, refreshing the existing house and extending it with fresh new build.

Our Worship Communities are at the heart of Church Wigan.  These are groups of disciples on mission together, growing their relationship with God, one another and those around them.  A Worship Community might be a Sunday morning congregation, a midweek group, or a Messy Church, or a new gathering in a school.

Each Worship Community has a defined missional purpose with its own expression of worship, community and mission relevant to its context.  They are joined together in our new Hubs (new parishes in 2020) within our new one Church Wigan (the new benefice in 2020.)  Each will have a Local Missional Leader and team to lead and grow the Worship Community. Together we share the values of Worship, Community, Mission, Discipleship, and Leadership. It is these values that we will be exploring in this series.

Followers of Jesus grow to be like him and encourage others to do the same. Our Worship Communities are the places in which living stones are built up into a spiritual house.

Our aim is to bring glory to Jesus Christ, whether gathered together or out and about during the week, in our homes, work and places of leisure. We do this 24/7 through our words and actions, wherever we are.

Loving relationship is at the heart of everything. We build open communities in which everyone can give and receive. We are especially extending into the most marginalised communities to bring fresh hope, faith and life.

We are growing more servant-leaders to share this responsibility in our Worship Communities. All of us are called to serve and help. Whilst God calls some to specific leadership roles we are all on the team and have a part to play.

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