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Experience Christmas

TESTIMONY :: "Experience Christmas", St Aidan

In December we have all been finding ways of engaging our communities with the amazing story of Christmas. One Worship Community in the South Hub, St Aidan's in Billinge, welcomed around 240 pupils and staff from St Aidan's C.E. and Billinge Chapel End Primary Schools to take part in their Experience Christmas event.

Lesley Hughes takes up the story:

"Over the three days, groups of children walked from their schools, despite the horrendously wet weather, to deepen their understanding of the events leading up to Christmas in an interactive and enjoyable way. A team of 15 from our Worship Community set up six stations around St Aidan's church which illustrated different parts of the story: the Preparation, the Announcement, the Promises, the Journey, the Message and the Gift. The church looked fantastic! Groups of six to eight children plus staff visited each station where they heard a part of the story and engaged in various activities. At the last station, the Gift, we all gathered together to reflect on God’s great gift of Jesus, given to the world to be our Saviour and think about the true meaning of Christmas

Throughout the three days the children were tremendous! They behaved impeccably and were brilliant ambassadors for their schools. They gave such thoughtful answers to the questions we posed and their singing during the short worship session at the end was truly uplifting. The Holy Spirit was definitely with us! The team felt humbled, privileged and truly blessed by the whole experience and we can’t wait to plan the next one – Experience Easter maybe?"