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BSD Social 2018

TESTIMONY :: BSD Christmas Social

The BSD students as well as our incredible teacher Hannah had an amazing Christmas social.
We had a bring and share, awesome food like mince pies and a lot of biscuits.
Hannah organised the whole thing, we had a photo booth, a Christmas card making station.

But in the end we just sat together, talked about what was on our minds and prayed for healing for one of the BSD students. It was all in all just plain amazing how intently we all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit while talking abut stuff, but most of all while praying. It was a time of healing, delivery and words of God that he spoke through our students.

In the end everybody was just amazed about what a good time we had and how extraordinarily we all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. All in all it was a fascinating experience for all of us. One of our BSD Students got healed from a bad thigh injury he got while playing football, another on experienced new freedom and delivery, and yet another was set free from anxiousness about the future.

We all felt the spirit and everyone attending will say that this was amazing. We are really touched by it.

Best regards
A BSD Student