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EVENTS :: Tell, Serve, Give: Bishop Mission 2019

Over the last four years Archbishop John Sentamu challenged the northern province of Bishops (North of England) to go on mission together in different diocese.  So over the last four years they have done this on mission weekends from Blackburn to Durham.

This March 32 Bishops come to Liverpool diocese! They are joining in with Liverpool diocese rule of life with the vision of the weekend: Tell, Serve and Give.

This is from Thursday 7 March to Sunday 10 March 2019.

What is the point of the weekend? Is to put a lot of events on and we welcome some people in purple?

Not at all, it is all about be a blessing to the local Church, to help support the great work that is happening and introduce new opportunities.

It is also not just Bishops coming, each deanery has one Bishop that is based in the deanery and they bring a mission team with them. This will vary from Priests, youth workers, evangelists, and many other people, all with a heart for mission, who come to share the good news but also to support the local Church. A major part of the mission is that the team are not here to do the whole mission, they come here to work with the local Church which makes it a fantastic opportunity for us to work together and be a blessing to each other.

Each Hub has been planning several different events and has a rep on our planning team.

Your reps are:

West Hub: Alec Parkinson and Mark Wade
South Hub: Sam and Felicity Cowling- Green
North West: Denise Hayes
North East: Helen Hollis
Central: Rachel Sheehan
Town centre: Sam Nicholson
Chaplefeilds: David Brooke

If you have any questions about what is happening in your hub please do speak to them.

Revd Mark Wade is deanery advocate for the Church Wigan, if you have questions please do let him know at mark-wade@live.com or 01942 215497.

As deanery we are welcoming Bishop Mark Tanner from Berwick (Newcastle diocese) and his team. We also have Bishop Cyril Ashton on our team as he is a key member of Church Wigan vision and who loves to serve and see what is happening in Wigan.

At some of the events the bishops will be there, while other events will be some of their team members. Also, on Friday Archbishop John Sentamu will be coming to visit Wellspring (one of Church Wigan’s new worship communities) and he is excited to see what is happening in Wigan.

There are also going to be a few special events over the weekend, for example come and join us at the Grand Arcade on Saturday 9 March 2pm-4pm where you can come ask any question to a Bishop on a sofa or have a selfie with a Bishop.  They will be visiting a number of Schools and colleges on Friday. Also if you a keen runner or not so keen but like the idea a team led by Bishop Mark will doing a park run on Saturday morning at Haigh Hall and offering prayer after and giving out oranges.

On the Sunday morning there will be someone from the team sharing about mission in each of your hubs.

Over the next few weeks there will be a number of ways to pray for the weekend, more information to come very soon.

As Church Wigan we are very excited about the mission as it is a fantastic opportunity to do something new, develop our existing ministries and learn from others.

Across the whole diocese will be sharing our stories through social media, using hashtags:

#TellServeGive     #AllWelcome     #ComeAndSee

For more information or if you have an idea for the weekend please speak to your hub rep.

Over next few weeks will be telling a little bit more of what is happening and how you can connect in.

Please do pray that this will be a weekend where people go deeper in their faith in God and for people to encounter God for the very first time.

God Bless
Mark Wade
Bishop Mission Church Wigan advocate  

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