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Stories of Refreshing

TESTIMONY :: Stories of Refreshing

Wednesday night at St Johns? You might have thought it was a local derby match!

The north east hub met with members of St James church to discuss how they have considered "refreshing". Tim Griffiths (former miner, teacher and God mate of mine -pardon the pun) gave a potted history of why and how they needed to refresh their church. This was followed by accounts from the church warden (who was very passionate about their dementia cafe) and other members sharing about bereavement support, praying with those in care homes, working with children within the community, fundraising through putting on concerts (yes, FINANCE) and someone keeping their eye on the ship to maintain focus.

A short question and answer time followed to clarify how things got started and what pitfalls to look out for. What was obvious was that Jesus was at the centre of these activities, it was led by God's call and that there was a need for prayer. No one of these people were experts, they just reacted to God's call in their lives, their church, their community. We in the north east hub were grateful of their presentation and hope that we can do our bit in a similar way with that same passion. Thank you all.

Dean Kearsley

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