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Account Management
Having an account allows you to log in to this site. We track which pages you visit in order to spot which parts of our site are most popular, and to make it easier to access the parts you visit most often. Some pages and some parts of pages require you to have an account in order to access them, and we will make it clear when you need to be logged in.

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Your address and your worship community will tell us which hub you're in, and we will use that to tell you about things happening in your hub. We will use your interests and the pages you visit most often to highlight relevant content (make it more prominent on this site).

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We'd love to let you know what's happening in Transforming Wigan and around Church Wigan. We will email you according to your preferences.

If you have given us your mobile number we may send you text messages about special events. We currently only use text messages for specific opt-in services.

Transforming Wigan aligned groups
There are some groups, charities and organisations which are aligned to Transforming Wigan but not really part of it. Some of these other groups may use the tools on this site, but we won't share your information with them without your permission.